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We are available in 2 selected valves for Manual Valves and Actuated Valves, all have different purpose on use.

Manual Valves : 

  1. Ball Valves

  2. Butterfly Valves

  3. Diaphgram Valves

  4. Check Valves (Swing Check Valves, Ball Check Valves, Spring Check Valve)

  5. Pressure Control Valves 

  6. Auxiliary Valves

Actuated Valves :  

  1. Actuated Ball Valves

  2. Actuated Butterfly Valves

  3. Actuated Diaphgram Valves

  4. Solenoid Valves

All valves have material :


  • CPVC Sch80

  • PVC Sch80

  • UPVC (Fresh and Wastewater)

  • PP-R

  • PP-H

  • HDPE

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Our Adhesives for thermoplastic have many type of choice, depend on the piping material that used. one of our product name is Weld-On Adhesives. is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of Weld-On® solvent cements, primers and cleaners for PVC, CPVC, ABS and other plastic piping systems.  Weld-On products are globally-recognized as the premium products for joining plastic pipes and fittings. We are one of the sales representatives and distributors for Weld-On®. 

All Weld-On Low VOC solvent cements provide the following benefits:

  • High Quality Performance with excellent installation properties.

  • User Friendly. Reduced fumes and odor for the comfort and well-being of pipe installers.

  • NSF, UPC and/or CSA Listed. Products are qualified for use in piping applications such as potable water, turf, irrigation, pool & spa, industrial, fire protection, conduit, DWV, and/or sewer.†

  • Meet ASTM Standards for solvent cements used for plastic pipe installation.†

  • Environmentally Responsible. LEED® Compliant (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Credit can be gained through the use of Weld-On Low VOC products. This program, developed by the US Green Building Council, uses SCAQMD Rule 1168 as a benchmark to qualify one credit‡ toward LEED certification for green building.

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