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Polypropylene (PP-H) - high-quality general purpose engineering plastic material; the chemical name is polypropylene homopolymer, and it’s available in a range of grades and forms to suit many applications. PP-H has extremely good resistance to acids, alkalis and alcohol, salts in aqueous solutions and many solvents. Slight swelling may be caused by permanent contact with grease, oil and wax, but generally not enough to limit the use of the material. Aromatics and halogenated hydrocarbons will cause a reduction in useful working life. The material has no resistance to strong oxidising agents such as nitric or chromic acids, and halogens.

Fields of Application
  • RO/DI Water Convayance
  • Process cooling water
  • Chemical process industry
  • Food Processing
Product Features
  • High quality system solution with a favorable price to performance ratio.
  • Great surface finish and leach out.
  • High impact strength
  • High resistance to chemicals and temperatures
  • Performs well over a long period of time
  • Outstanding weldability
Technical Data
  • Size range from d16 to d500
  • Pressure rating up to 150psi
  • Temperature rating: 80°C
  • Joining method Use of socket and butt-welding allows easy and quick installation.
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