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UPVC (Fresh water)

UPVC Fresh Water Pipe is JAPAN INDUSTRIAL STANDARD (JIS K6741 : 1999). This series of pipes is classified into VP (AW), and VU (AE) based on the maximum working pressure of pipes used in the pressurized conveyance as Class VP(AW) 0.98Mpa (10kgfcm²) and for Class VU(AE) 0.59Mpa (6kgfcm²) under 1kgfcm² : 1 Bar. Some applications for the VP / VU Pipes Class VP(AW) pipes are commonly used for factory or industrial application in conjunction with pumps and mechanical plants. Class VU(AE) pipes are used as cable ducting flush pipes, air conditioning water discharge outlet and fume exhaust system. These pipes may be suitable for underground sewer drainage and irrigation systems. The user should determine the suitability class of pipes by looking at the working pressure required for its intended use.

PVC AW and AE tablet.png
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