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UPVC SS213 Fitting 1_edited_edited_edite

UPVC (Wastewater)

UPVC Wastewater have some type as bellow.

  • SS213 : 1998 Corresponding to BS4514, AS1415 

UPVC SS213 Pipes is for Soil, Waste and Vent Applications with standard color : White.

This pipes are commonly used for sanitary stack, they are largely in apartments, industrial & commercial buildings. It is also suitable for aplication such as rainwater down pipes and for other water discharge purpose. As for the size is in 1-1/4" to 6"

  • SS272 : 2012  Corresponding to BS4460, BS5481, and AS1260 

UPVC SS272 Pipes is know for Underground drainage pipes with standard color : Golden Brown

This pipes are commonly laid underground as sewer or subsoil drainage for parks and fields. The golden brown gloss finish fabricated color reduces heat absorptions. For the size is from 4" to 12"

  • SS141 : 2013 Correponding to BS3505, BS3506, and AS1477

UPVC SS141 Pipes is for cold water services with standard color : White

This series of pipes is commonly used as cable conduits, mechanical equipment such as pumps and sprinkler system for water purpose according to respective pipe class type. The size is from 1-1/4" to 12

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