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CPVc hta

CPVC HTA® is a complete C-PVC pipework system for domestic hot and cold water services, providing secure, quicker and easier installations. CPVC HTA is a cost-effective alternative to copper. Significant cost savings can be achieved against copper due to the installed time savings available via the simple jointing method and the product being lightweight. CPVC HTA offers a 50 year design-life and due to the high quality material the system remains limescale free and corrosion resistant, leading to a continual smooth bore and subsequent system efficiency through optimum water flow. In addition, CPVC HTA offers excellent fire resistance and also helps combat the growth of biofilms.

Fields of Application
  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities.
  • Schools.
  • Commercial Buildings.
  • Hotels and residential buildings.
  • Sports stadia
  • Industrial and Marine
Product Features
  • Lightweight and easy install.
  • Limescale and corrosion resistant.
  • Maintenance free service with low installation cost

  • Superior chemical resistance

  • Improved impact resistance

  • Excellent physical properties and Excellent fire resistance capabilities

  • No power or hot works required.
Technical Data
  • Size Range From 16mm to 160mm
  • Pressure Rating From PN25 up to 63mm and PN16 25mm to 160mm.
  • Temperature Rating: +5°C to +90°C (PN25 +90°C at 4 Bar).
  • Joining method From Solvent (cement) Weld, NPT Threaded Connection and Mechanical Connections
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